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Belgrade souvenirs … and it’s not magnets

Belgrade souvenirs. Forget traditionals. Our city can offer you something more authentic and unique. Belgrade is a pot of mixed influences of East and West, a place where culture, art, history, food, and energy meet. So if you want to have a piece of our city here is a list of benchmarks you should definitely check out!


If you’re in Sweden you’ll buy Acne Studios The Kånken bag, if you’re in New York you can get Marc Jacobs The Ripstop backpack, if you’re in Belgrade you can buy The Ruksag. Ruksag is limited edition, futuristic designed, street style leather backpack, because nothing says street style like black or red luxury every day bag.

The man behind the brand is Marko Cerketa, who is one of the few in the fashion world who made a statement bag at the beginning of his career. You can see Ruksag on Paris Men’s Fashion Week, in Lakic showroom Paris, on the streets of Hong Kong and in Belgrade.


belgrade souvenirs

RUKSAG SS 2020 collection. Photographed by Boogie


ZLA Streetwear

ZLA is another great brand from Belgrade. People say that time flies, but design and quality last forever. ZLA is one of the most wanted streetwear brands in our city. They mix and match pop and surfskate culture, hiphop fashion and ‘90s sportswear, and continuously develop streetwear hype and create very unique and recognizable collections.
You know that feeling when you are trying to leave but the DJ won’t stop playing your favourite song – this is exactly how you’re going to feel in their shop.


Zla-Zla x Yugochic collab

Futro Posters

Slavimir Stojanović Futro is one of the most prominent visual artists and graphic designers from Belgrade, with more than 300 international and advertising awards. His work was exhibited in the Pompidou in Paris, Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg, The Poster Museum in Warsaw, Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad. He was included in the books Contemporary Graphic Design published by Tachen and New Masters of Poster Design published by Rockport Publishers from USA. His studio Futro Design was included in the selection of the 100 best design studios in the world. Go home with some famous Belgrade popular art. This is your chance.


All Futro posters are limited edition, signed, numbered and dry stamped


REIN handmade raincoats

On average, there are 186 sunny days per year in Belgrade and 109.8 rainy days. May is the rainiest and February is the driest month. Sun or rain you’re gonna need REIN.

In December 2015, fashion designer Elena Bajević made this minimalistic, lightweight, handmade raincoat. Whether you’re looking for a fabulous raincoat or just want to stay active while in Belgrade, REIN is option for you. It’s so ultra cool that you are going to wear it on a sunny day as well. You can thank me later.


REIN women’s collection


Belgrade abstract souvenirs

Two of my favourite things: an abstract artwork and a small abstract artwork. Svetlana Ninković is a contemporary abstract expressionist artist and a woman who loves piano, coffee with a lot of milk, the mystical and uknown, trying to interact and channel her spiritual world into reality. Colors, lines, shapes, and textures in her artworks directly conveyed her emotional state, her movement and energy. If you’re an art lover, then you should consider buying her small abstract artworks. Next time you’ll come with a place in your room for a bigger one.


Small artworks, framed acrylic on paper, dimensions 15×13 cm or 25×23 cm

Etera Love Jewlery

And if you’re looking for a gift to really impress your woman, than we’re talking about Belgrade Etera love souvenirs. With Etera handmade earrings you’re telling her not just I love you, I care for you, you’re telling her that you understand her, how special she is, how much you appreciate her. Etera brand represents love, pure and unconditional. Earrings are made of natural feathers, crystal beads and metal details. Each piece carries its own story and it’s up to you to decide which one is right for her. You will not make a mistake, because you know her, you love her.


belgrade souvenirs

Etera Jewelry. Photographed by Tina Marić